Main Features

Big Picture of Your Operation

See your plots, plan work and examine weather. Access your data from anywhere using any computer or smartphone and share the data acros your company with one click.

Work Tracking

Know how much time you spent doing pruning or tilling. Compare different plots or varietals.


Choose the date of spray, select plots and choose which sprays to use. We will calculate the price of final mix, we will note the amount of different chemicals for each plot and will calculate the costs of sprays toward final price of your grapes.

Harvest Analysis

You will be able to compare the yields and analytical information of different vintages. You will be able to compare different plots and their yields.



Do you know how much it costs you to produce tons of grapes from each plot? We are calculating all the cost realtime so you can see how much you spent on sprays or workforce and you will be able to compare your yearle costs and yields with previous years.


Weather Forecast

We are making it easy to see important parts of weather forecast. You will see the temperature, chance of rain as well as humidity. Don't risk another ruined spray because of sudden rain.

Connect your meteorological station and see the amount of rainfall, temperatures and compare current season to historical data.


No installation necessary

No installation is necessary. Like your internet banking or email, we are hosting all the data and application on our servers. You can connect to your data by using browser from any computer or smartphone.

We are taking care of daily data backups, security updates and all maintenance.

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